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Hoy sale a la venta una de las obras más esperadas de Jennifer L. Armentrout (aka J. Lynn) esperada visión de lo que ocurrió en Wait For You desde los ojitos de nuestro adorado y sexy Cam.
Para los que hayáis leído Wait For You, estoy segura de que estaréis un libro tan...tan...TAAAAAAAANNNNN MARAVILLOSO...ahhhhh,recuerdo que cuando lo leí, me tiré una semana volviendo a él, a las escenas más entrañables, a las más sexys, a las más ardientes...en fin, a mis favoritas. Es un libro que me ha marcado y, si llevé a cabo el proyecto de este blog, fue en parte gracias a él. Su lectura se convirtió en mi empujoncito para hacerlo, porque tras haber leído la saga Lux (los libros que había publicados hasta el momento, se entiende) y después de esta maravillosa historia NA romántica/contemporánea, tan rica, exquisita y preciosa...bueno, tenía que dar a conocer al mundo, desde mi pequeño rinconcito, lo maravillosa que es Jennifer L. Armentrout y lo bien que escribe.
Así que dejo de echarme el rollo...Os dejo nuevamente la sinopsis y algunos teasers que han ido saliendo. ¡Que los disfrutéis!


Cameron Hamilton is used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. But when Avery Morgansten comes crashing into his life – literally – he finally meets the one person who can resist his soulful baby blues. But Cam’s not ready to give up. He can’t get the feisty and intriguing girl out of his head. Avery has secrets, secrets that keep her from admitting the feelings Cam knows she has for him. Will persistence (and some delicious homemade cookies) help him break down her barriers and gain her trust? Or will he be shut out of Avery’s life, losing his first real shot at the kind of love that lasts forever?


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Sharp need punched right through me as her body slid down my front. My hands tightened on her hips and she tipped her head back. Her eyes darkened to a deep chocolate brown, and my brain clicked off as I somehow tugged her closer. I knew she had to feel my arousal, and considering we hadn’t even kissed, something about that seemed wrong, but I couldn’t let her go.Her hands pressed against my chest, and I thought she was going to push me away, and swore to God right then and there, no matter how hard it would be, I would let her go if she did.But she didn’t.Avery’s hands flattened against my chest, above my pounding heart, and she had to have felt it.My hand moved on its own accord, curving up her waist and then over her arm, to her throat and then her cheek. She gasped when my fingertips grazed her cheeks, catching the hair stuck to her temples. I tucked the strands back behind her ears, my hand lingering.“You’re soaked.”“So are you.”I smoothed my thumb over the slant of her cheek. “I guess we’re going to have to try this another night.”“Yeah,” she whispered as her eyes flickered shut and then swept back open.“Maybe we should’ve checked the weather first.” When she smiled, I shifted my hips in response. Her body shuddered in such a mind-blowing way and her lashes lowered. Her lips parted even further, and I didn’t want to let her go. She felt too good this close.Her chest rose in short, deep breaths as I lowered my head, wanting and needing to kiss her. Just once. That’s all I wanted. My eyes started to drift closed.Avery suddenly jerked back, pressing a hand between her breasts. “I think we … we should call it a night.”For a moment I couldn’t move and then leaned back, tipping my head against the wall. It took a couple of moments before I could speak. “Yeah, we should.”The trip out of the building and back to the apartment wasn’t easy. I was still strung tight as a bow. Nothing seemed to make the raw edge go away. I tried reciting the alphabet backwards, tried thinking about the old lady who lived in the building nearby, who sometimes walked her dog in a white nightgown. The sight was not pretty, but it still didn’t work.The rain was still coming down as we dashed across the parking lot and under the awning. I shook my head, spraying water everywhere. Avery stopped at the base of the stairwell leading up to our apartments, and I thought it was all the rain I’d just pelted her with. I opened my mouth to apologize, but she turned sideways, her face pale as she peered up at me.A very different kind of ache sliced through my chest, stirring up that knot in there, at the stark confusion and fear in her eyes. Fear. I didn’t get it. Had I done that to her? No. I couldn’t believe that. Not the way she had reacted to me. I saw it in her eyes. She had wanted me to kiss her, probably even as badly as I wanted to kiss her, but she had pulled away because … I honestly didn’t know.I thrust my hand through my hair, pulling it off my forehead. “Go out with me.”“No,” she whispered.I grinned slightly, and her chest fell, her shoulders relaxed, as if she needed to hear this. “There’s always tomorrow.”She followed me up the stairs. “Tomorrow’s not going to change anything.”“We’ll see.”“There’s nothing to see. You’re wasting your time.”“When it concerns you, it’s never a waste of my time.”And that was the damn truth.

“Tomorrow night? Oh! The astronomy assignment. Yeah, it works for me.”“Good.” I backed away, knowing I needed to get my ass to class. “See you then.”Shortcake turned and then pivoted back to me. “Cam?”The knot pulsed in my chest. “Yeah?”She fiddled with her bracelet as her gaze flicked away before settling back on me. “What were you doing in the Den? Don’t you normally have class, like right now?”I smiled as I held her gaze. “Yeah, I normally have class right now, but I wanted to see you.”Shock splashed over her face, and then I saw the smile light up her eyes before it even hit her lips. Feeling that knot do a funny, twisting thing, I pivoted around before I grabbed her and kissed her.Because I was really close to doing that.I made it across the street before a low whistle caught my attention. Looking toward the left, I saw Jase standing under a tree, cell phone in hand. Damn. He must’ve hightailed his ass from West Campus.“Skipping class without me?” he asked as I made my way over to him, his eyes obscured by the aviator shades he was wearing. Very few people could pull off those sunglasses without looking like a douche. I was not one of them.I shrugged as my attention drifted beyond Jase’s shoulder, across the street, catching one last glimpse of Shortcake disappearing through the doors of Knutti Hall.Jase sighed. “You’re obsessed.”“Huh?”He nodded toward Knutti. “I don’t think you’ve ever skipped a class to hang out with a girl before.”I frowned. “How do you know I skipped a class to hang out with Avery?”His brows rose above the sunglasses. “I’m not stupid.”“That’s up for debate.”Jase flipped me off. “Well, let’s see. Class let out early, so I came over here just in time to see you walking along like a good little boy. I called your name. You waved at me and kept going—or staring at her.”My brows lifted as I wheeled around, heading for the doors. “That was you yelling my name?”“Exactly,” he said, sighing. He looked at me, and all I saw was my face in his sunglasses. “Has she agreed to go out with you yet?”“Nope.”Jase shook his head. “Man, you are so fucked when it comes to this girl. 

I kissed her, pressing my lips to hers, working at the seam of her mouth until she opened, allowing me in. The taste of her skin had sparked a fire deep inside me, but the feel of her warm mouth ignited a blazing fire. I couldn’t get enough of her lips, of her kisses or the soft, breathy sounds she was making.I groaned as I slid my hand out from underneath her, guiding her onto her back. Her body immediately stiffened, and I knew I needed to tone it down. The last thing I wanted was to scare her.God, that was the last thing.Cupping her cheek, I softly kissed her until her body relaxed under mine and then, shocking the hell out of me, her small hand ended up under my shirt, pressing against the bare skin of my abs.It was like being branded.Heat roared through my veins as my body jerked on reflex. Air punched from my lungs. She wanted to touch me? Holy hell, she could touch me. I pulled back, reached down and yanked my shirt over my head.Avery’s mouth parted as her gaze moved over my chest, the tattoo, and then down. It was like a touch, but better. My body was burning to feel hers.I tugged the comforter down and planted my hands on either side of her head, tangling them in her hair. There was a primal part that took over when her hands flattened over the lower part of my stomach. My entire body tightened.I dropped my forehead to hers. “You have no idea what you do to me.” 

I let go as she shook her head and was in the process of heading upstairs to wake up Jase’s lazy ass when Teresa came in the front door.“Cam!” She let out a high-pitched squeal when she saw me in the foyer and dropped her book bag. The pint-sized terror took one step and launched herself at me.Laughing, I caught her before she knocked me down. “Well, hello to you.”“When did you get here?” she asked once I sat her down.“This morning.”She smacked my arm. “You should’ve texted me! I would’ve skipped my afternoon classes and come home early.”“I heard that!” yelled Mom from the kitchen.Teresa rolled her eyes, and I laughed. Somewhere in the last two years or so, she’d grown up from a gangly child into a stunning young woman. And every time I saw her, I wanted to pull a paper sack over her head. Everywhere she went, guys looked, and they really looked.She had inherited the dark hair and blue eyes from Dad, but she had Mom’s delicate features. Her beauty and small frame were really misleading, because she had also developed mom’s snappy, quick wit. When she and Mom got going, no one was safe.“I’m going to skip dance tonight,” she said, tugging the tie from her hair. It seemed to have grown overnight, falling well past her shoulders.“You don’t have to do that,” I told her. “I’ll be here all weekend.”“Yeah, but I never get to see you!” She pouted, giving me the look that probably got her a lot of things. “You’re too busy and too cool to hang out with your sister anymore.”“Exactly,” I said, grinning.She smacked my arm hard. “Jerk.”Facing the stairs, I saw Jase come down before Teresa did. He was as quiet as a freaking ninja and he came to a stop at the bottom, his hair damp and clothing unwrinkled. He hadn’t made a sound, but Teresa stiffened in front of me. Her eyes, so like mine, widened a fraction of an inch.My gaze narrowed on her.Teresa whipped around with the elegance of a dancer, and I cringed when she shrieked, “Jase!”The pensive look that had been on Jase’s face from the moment I picked him up vanished like a bad nightmare. He came down on the landing a second before my sister threw herself at the guy, greeting him in the same way she’d done with me. His eyes were only on her, and while I completely trusted Jase, even he wasn’t immune to her.I also didn’t like it when he wrapped his arms around her, keeping them both from tumbling backward.“Cam didn’t tell me you were here!” she cried, clinging to him like a little monkey. “You’re staying here the whole weekend, too?”Jase smiled down at the top of Teresa’s head—the head that was currently plastered against his chest. “Yeah, I’m here until Cam heads back.”I knew in that exact moment, Teresa would be bowing out on dance not only tonight, but also the rest of the weekend. I sighed.Teresa said something that only Jase could hear and his smile spread in a way that had me taking deep, even breaths. Then he looked up, his gaze meeting mine. He shot me a helpless look, and I rolled my eyes, strolling forward.“Okay.” I grabbed her arms, physically lifting her away from Jase. “I think you can let him go now. He probably wants to breathe at some point.”Jase laughed as Teresa shot me a look that promised death and dismemberment and yanked her arms free. I stepped back, just in case she was going to try to hit me again. My sister had muscles. 


Primer teaser 26/09/2013

Segundo teaser 3/10/2013

Tercer teaser 10/10/2013

Cuarto teaser 17/10/2013

¡Esto ha sido todo! 

¡Que disfrutéis de la lectura!

Saludos Luxen,


Artículo escrito por Bella Carstairs

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