OH MY GOD: Don't Look Back teaser + SORTEO


¿Habéis visto el pedazo de post que ha publicado Jennifer L. Armentrout en su blog hace unas horas?

Se trata de un teaser de Don't Look Back, la próxima novela de nuestra autora que saldrá a la venta el 15/04/14 y varios PEDAZOS (perdón por la redundancia) de sorteos!!!!!!

¡Tenéis ejemplares firmados por ella de la saga Lux en español y de Mestiza!
Ejemplares de otras traducciones de la saga Lux, asi como un pack gigantesco de fanArts maravillosos y más swag...LOL

Personalmente, estoy alucinando.

Os dejo el teaser y en cuanto pueda prometo traducirlo.

Someone cleared his throat.
We twisted around and…wow, just wow. My jaw hit the bedspread. There was a tall boystanding in the doorway to my bedroom. Dark brown hair fell over his forehead and curled around his ears. His skin was deep, almost olive in comparison to my paler skin, hinting at a Native American or Hispanic ancestry. His cheekbones were broad, giving him an exotic look, and his jaw was strong, clenched tight. The long-sleeved shirt he wore stretched over his broad shoulders and biceps. His body was purely athletic, slender and yet muscular.
A black baseball cap dangled off the tips of his fingers, forgotten. Our eyes locked, and I felt a stirring in my chest. His were a magnetic, intense blue. The color of the sky right before the day ended and night took hold—the color of dusk. There was stark relief in his gaze, also a wariness I didn’t understand.
“Is that my boyfriend?” I whispered, hopeful and scared all at once. If he was my boyfriend, I had no idea what to do with him. Well, I did—I suddenly had lots of ideas that involved kissing, touching, and all sorts of fun things, but he was…mouthwateringly gorgeous, and that intimidated the hell out of me.
Scott choked on his laugh.
The boy in the doorway glanced at my brother and then at me. Heat crept across my cheeks. The relief was still in his eyes, and my lips split in a hesitant smile. He was happy to see me, but…but then his eyes hardened into chips of ice.
“Boyfriend? Yeah,” he said slowly, voice deep and smooth. “Not even if you paid my tuition to Penn State next year.”
Stung and embarrassed, I jerked back, and the question came out before I could stop it. “And why not?”
He stared at me as if I had an arm sticking out of my head and waving around. He turned to my brother, brows raised. “I’ll be waiting outside.”
“Sure, man, be there in a sec, Car.”
“His name is Car?” I said, folding my arms.
Vehicle Boy stopped and turned back around. “Car, as in Carson Ortiz.”
Oh. That made sense. I lowered my arms, feeling about nine kinds of stupid.
Carson’s eyes narrowed. “She really has no clue about…about anything?”
“Yep,” Scott replied, lips pursed.
He started to turn again but stopped once more. Muttering under his breath, he looked at me. “I’m glad you’re okay, Sam.”
Before I could even respond to that, he was gone. I twisted toward Scott. “He doesn’t like me.”
Scott looked like he wanted to laugh again. “Yeah, he doesn’t.”
A weird, twisty feeling sprang in my chest. “Why?”
Pushing off the bed, he sighed. “You don’t like him.”
I didn’t? Did I not have taste? He was baby-making material. Then I frowned. How did I know who was baby-making material? “I don’t get it.”

Para entrar y participar en los sorteos:

(Después de leer este teaser cada vez tengo más ganas de leer este librooooooo)

Jennifer L. Armentrout ha confesado que de hecho fue el primer libro de corte contemporáneo que escribió y que lo hizo allá por 2011

En fin...



Artículo escrito por Saga Lux Spain
Fuente: Jennifer L. Armentrout

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