¡Teaser of the Titan trailers y nuevo adelanto de The Power!


Como os he dicho en el anterior post, ayer JLA nos dejó algunos pedazos de su próxima publicación
segundo libro de la saga Titan.
Y hace un mes o así estuvieron rodando algunos trailers para la saga.

JLA compartió ayer un teaser de uno de estos trailers

Os dejo el nuevo adelanto de The Power en inglés

Podéis leer la traducción que os he dejado en

The Titan whipped around so fast that by the time any of us realized what he was doing, it was too late. He caught SPOILER by the arm with one hand and then hit SPOILER in the chest with the other—no, not hit. His hand went through SPOILER’s chest.

Josie screamed as blood sprayed out from SPOILER’s back.

I skidded to a halt, stunned as Atlas jerked his hand back. Red was everywhere, and in Atlas’s hand was something that belonged inside of SPOILER’s chest.

SPOILER’s heart.

Blood drained so quickly from SPOILERS face as SPOILERS legs crumpled under SPOILER. SPOILER folded like a piece of paper. Hit the floor and didn’t move. Down. Done. That was it.“I am so done with this,” Atlas said, his hand closing around the organ, destroying it.

All of my restraint broke.

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