¡Teaser de The Power!


Ayer JLA compartió algunos pedacitos de The Power.
Aquí os dejo uno de ellos en inglés.
Tenéis este teaser traducido en el otro blog 

Aiden glanced over at me. “Lose your shirt, man?”

Back in the day, that question would’ve opened the door for the perfect comeback, one that usually involved Alex. Now? I lifted my hand and flipped him off. “Anyone know what’s going—?”

A white-garbed Guard staggered out of the smoke, the front of his outfit splashed with red. His throat was torn open, revealing the pink, congealed tissue and shattered bone. The Guard went down on one knee and then crumpled.

“Daimons,” Alex said, flipping the dagger in her hand. “Or a mountain lion.”

Reaching to my side, I unhooked one of the daggers. “I’m going to go with a daimon.”

“That’s a relief.” Alex slowed her step. “Because I really don’t want to kill a kitty.”

I paused long enough to look at her. She tossed a grin in my direction.

Aiden moved ahead, throwing up a hand, stopping us. “Hold on a second.” He moved his arm, holding his palm out toward the thick smoke. A slight ripple of power sparked. Wind picked up behind us, turning into a heavy, churning gust. The stream moved over the courtyard, lifting the smoke and blowing it back.

Holy shit, there were daimons everywhere, and the titanium gate was open. A few bodies littered the ground and as the wind settled, I realized all those still standing were halfs, which explained why no one had summoned wind yet, and on the ground . . .


Dead and/or dying pures.

Some still being fed on, like a scene straight out of a zombie horror.

Aiden looked over his shoulder. “Being able to control all the elements has its bennies.”

Huh. Look at Aiden, being all demigod and stuff. “Cute,” I said, stepping over a fallen Sentinel. “But can you still fight?”

Aunque creo que vamos a sufrir de lo lindo,

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