White Hot Kiss teaser + SORTEO


Síiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...este es Zayne, el increíblemente sexy warden, amor platónico de Layla y rival de Roth...

Como todos sabéis White Hot Kiss saldrá a la venta el 25/02/14 

Os dejo el teaser (de momento no lo voy a traducir, por cuestiones de tiempo) 

  “What’s up, Layla-bug?” he asked.
Part of me loved it when he used my childhood nickname. The other part—the part that wasn’t a little girl anymore—loathed it.  I peeked at him through my lashes. He was fully clothed now. What a shame. “Who’s on the roof?”
He sat beside me. “A few travelers from out of town needed a place to rest. Abbot offered them beds, but they preferred the roof.  They didn’t—” He stopped suddenly, leaning forward, grabbing my leg. “Why are your knees scuffed up?”
My brain sort of shorted out the moment his hand touched my bare leg. A hot flush stole over my cheeks, spreading way, way down. I gazed at his high cheekbones and those lips—oh, God, those lips were perfect. A thousand fantasies blossomed. All of them involved him, me and the ability to kiss him without sucking out his soul.
“Layla, what did you get into tonight?” He dropped my leg.
I shook my head, dispelling those hopeless dreams. “Um…well, nothing.”
Zayne moved closer, staring at me as if he could see through my lies. He had an uncanny ability to do so. But if I told him everything, like the Upper Level demon part, they’d never let me leave the house alone. I liked my freedom. It was about the only thing I had.

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