Don't Look Back teaser + SORTEO


Jennifer L. Armentrout nos acaba de dejar (hace unas horas) un nuevo teaser y un nuevo sorteo de Don't Look Back, su nueva novela que saldrá a la venta en apenas dos semanas.

Chewing on my lip, I read the entire menu three times. Coffee—my choice of coffee— should be simple, but it wasn’t. I felt…lost.
“Hey,” Carson said from behind me, his breath warm on my cheek, causing me to jump. “You doing okay?”
Feeling my cheeks burn, I nodded.
A man behind me sighed, muttering. I heard the words stupid and rich tossed about. My mortification level soared to new heights.
Carson pulled me out of line, shooting the guy a dark look of warning. “What’s your deal?” he asked.
I glanced down at where his hand wrapped around mine. How could such a simple touch feel sweet as sin? Probably not the best thing to be thinking about given I couldn’t place an order for coffee.
“Sam,” he said, impatient.
Lifting my gaze, I was horrified to feel tears building. “I don’t know what to order.” My voice cracked. “I don’t know…what I like.”
Understanding softened his jaw, and he nodded. “You usually drink a latte—vanilla.” He paused, dropping his hand. “I’ve seen you drink them. Stay here and I’ll order.”
I waited off to the side while he placed the order. People were staring at me. I felt like a child, unable to complete the simplest task. I wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. There was no doubt in my mind that Carson thought I was an idiot.
When he returned with my drink, he popped the lid on the cup. “Careful. It’s hot.”
“Thank you.” I wrapped my hands around it, welcoming the warmth slipping through the java sleeve.

Espero poder traduciros pronto los últimos teasers de esta novela que, la verdad, promete mucho!!!!


Artículo escrito por Saga Lux Spain
Fuente: Jennifer L. Armentrout

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