Nuevo teaser de Sentinel


Ayer Jennifer L. Armentrout también nos dejó un nuevo teaser de Sentinel, quinto y último libro de la saga Covenant.

Puesto que no me he leído aún el resto de los libros de la saga hasta Apollyon, no voy a traducir este teaser para no SPOILEARME a mí misma.

Por lo que aviso, si aún no habéis leído todos los libros que hay publicados de la saga Covenant, tal vez no deberíais leer este teaser, por motivos de SPOILERS.

Aquí os lo dejo:

“Don’t make a pass at Hera,” Hades remarked, moving along. “Zeus doesn’t take kindly to another man making a move on his wife.”
That was absolutely ridiculous if you took into consideration the fact Zeus couldn’t keep it in his pants.
“Stop staring,” Aiden murmured in my ear, and when I still didn’t look away, he reached around and turned my cheek. “I thought Ixion was located in the lowest part of Tartarus?”
I made a face. Only he would know who Ixion was. Aiden had to have been such a goody two shoes in school—the kind of kid who'd raised his hand with the answer to every question. Dork. I loved him.
“We took a shortcut, so we’re several levels down.” Hades stopped his horse and swung on large leg down. We'd hit a dead end consisting of dark, slick-looking boulders. “There is another portion of Tartarus that isn’t spoken of in myths.”
Seth dismounted with the grace of a feline. “And that’s where we’re heading?”
“Yes. We’re going into the Tombs of Tartarus.”
“The Tombs of Tartarus?” Aiden repeated, sliding his arm off my waist.
Ha! Something he didn’t know. I cast him a look over my shoulder, and then slid off the horse. I stumbled a step when my feet landed. The ground was oddly... soft and buoyant.
Hades snorted. “It amazes me that you’re an Apollyon with all your agility.”
My mouth opened to fire back, but I squinted. Something was up with the ground. I took a step and my feet sank about an inch in. Aware that Aiden had landed behind me, I bent down and ran my hand over the pale pink ground. It felt like...
I jerked my hand back and looked up, horrified. “The ground feels like skin!” 
A slow smile crept onto Hades’ face. “Zeus got bored with the whole rock and eagle bit.”
Rock and eagle bit...? Then it hit me. “Prometheus?”
“You’re standing on him,” Hades remarked.
My stomach turned. “Oh gods, I think I’m going to vomit.”
“Perfect,” the god said.

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Artículo escrito por Bella Carstairs

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  1. Guaaaaa me encanta esta saga recien comence a leer apollyon y ya kero leer el ultimo. sin duda alguna Jennifer l. Armentrout es seca.